Where to Buy H2O AUDIO SONAR?

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Here are some of the pros and cons of H2O Audio Sonar headphones.

Pros and Cons of H2O Audio Sonar

Lightweight Bluetooth connectivity is not the best underwater
Great for swimming No microphone for making calls
Clear sound quality Loading audio can be a little challenging at first

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Standout Features of H2O Audio Sonar – What Are The Strong Points

Bone Conduction Technology – A Breakthrough in Audio Experience

Bone conduction technology is a game-changer in the world of audio.

It’s a technology that allows us to experience high-quality sound without full sound isolation, ensuring that our hearing remains protected while still enjoying the best audio experience.

H2O Audio has taken this technology to the next level by incorporating it into their underwater headphones, making it possible for swimmers to enjoy their favorite tunes while maintaining healthy ears.

  • Bone Conduction Technology

With the bone conduction technology, H2O Audio’s underwater headphones offer a unique listening experience that is unmatched by traditional headphones.

Unlike traditional headphones that isolate sound, these headphones allow you to hear external sounds, making them ideal for use in water environments where it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

This is a feature that’s particularly important for swimmers, who need to be able to hear any potential dangers or distractions in the water.

  • Drag and Drop Audio

The drag-and-drop audio feature of these bone-conduction headphones is yet another reason why they stand out from the competition.

The 8 GB of memory provides ample space to store your favorite tunes, and the ability to hold over 60 hours of playback time ensures that you’ll never run out of tunes while swimming.

With the drag-and-drop feature, you can easily transfer music from your computer or device to your headphones, giving you a device-free listening experience that’s perfect for those who want to be hands-free while they swim.

  • Open Ear Headphones

The open-ear design of these headphones is a design that’s perfect for swimmers.

Whether you’re streaming music from your smartwatch or using the built-in MP3 player, the open-ear design ensures that you’ll never miss a beat.

The headphones are designed to be comfortable to wear, so you can swim laps for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

  • Waterproof IPX8 Rating

Waterproof headphones for swimming are often subject to tough water conditions, which can damage the headphones and affect their performance.

H2O Audio’s bone conduction headphones have an IPX8 rating, the highest rating in the market, ensuring that they can withstand even the toughest water conditions.

This means that you can enjoy your music while swimming, without having to worry about the headphones getting damaged by water.

  • iTunes Compatible

Another great feature of these waterproof headphones is their compatibility with iTunes.

They can seamlessly connect with both iOS and Android devices, making it easy for you to enjoy your favorite tunes, no matter what device you use.

The Bluetooth range is about 3 feet, which means that your device must be attached to your goggles to maintain a stable connection.

This is perfect for those who want to enjoy their music while swimming, without having to worry about losing the connection.


In conclusion, bone conduction technology is a remarkable advancement in audio technology, and H2O Audio’s underwater headphones are a testament to its capabilities.

With their drag-and-drop audio, open-ear design, waterproof IPX8 rating, and compatibility with iTunes, these headphones are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy their music while swimming.

They not only provide a high-quality audio experience but also protect your hearing, ensuring that you can enjoy your tunes for years to come.

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In Summary

We looked at where to buy H2O Audio Sonar bone conduction headphones.

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